Immediate scanning – simply aim the the navigation camera at the object and start capturing data. Optimized for relatively small geometries or large object with medium accuracy requirements, SOLO TrackScan has a tracker unit that secures full freedom of scanner orientation and is therefore ideal for more complex geometries, as it avoids having to reposition the navigation camera SOLO TrackScan delivers sticker-free scan data – also on fragile objects and sensitive surfaces. 


Well established inside major industries such as automotive, aerospace and machining, the DUO delivers the highest level of portable CMM accuracy. By using two cameras, it becomes possible to track multiple targets relative to each other, or for determining the deformation of structures. DUO systems can also be operated as a SOLO by simply unplugging one of the cameras.


Capable of measuring 15 meter-sezed objects and beyond, the SOLO Probe is a flexible and cost-efficient solution for a wide variety of applications. The wireless handheld probe is easy to use. Fast to learn and very durable, the SOLO Probe Measures up to 18m from the camera (longer with available options) and is unique in offering excellent probing in the larger measurement volumes.


Imagine a portable measurement system that can either be used as two totally independent one-camera systems, or one very high-accuracy two-camera system. That is Metronor DUO Split, Metronor’s most versatile portable metrology system.

With this extension to the Metronor DUO Probe system, you can extend your systems capabilities to the maximum.


Metronor SOLO is a portable CMM system based on Metronor’s patented principle that allows accurate 3D measurement with just one single camera and a hand-held probe. Metronor SOLO offers full CMM capability, including comparison of just about any geometry to CAD data or blueprint.

Ideally suited where fast setup, ease of use and high portability are critical, Metronor SOLO has a superior working volume and can be operated through a wireless connection – without cumbersome arms to balance or cables to untangle.


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