The system can be used for quick measurement or reverse-engineering of flat parts that have been manufactured on laser, plasma, and water jet cutting systems as well as punched and some stamped parts.

The Planar system has been adapted according to ten years in the sheet metal industry in which time Inspecvision has consulted with many major manufacturers to fully understand the requirements expected from their measuring system.

PLANAR P43.100

Cost effective 2D & 3D Inspection & Reverse Engineering.

The system leverages our standard Planar software and a high-speed camera to allow inspection of a 2D part in around 4 seconds. 3D parts can be scanned from above using the SurfScan.

Reverse engineering of 2D parts is possible in less than 30 seconds. The scans from the SurfScan can be loaded directly into SolidWorks or other CAD packages to help create a solid model of the part.

Planar 43.100
Inspecvision Planar

PLANAR P220.35

The Planar is known for its speed and accuracy and can take up to 40 million measurements in 0.1 seconds. This makes their system the fastest in the world for both inspection and reverse engineering of flat parts.

Available in a range of sizes and accuracies the Planar can be installed on the factory floor and is easy for shop floor staff to operate helping to cut expensive inspection bottlenecks. With the addition of OptiScan 3D the system offers unparalleled non-contact 3D inspection capacity.


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