The Equator is a flexible gauge that is designed to provide speed, repeatability and ease of use for manual or automated applications.  The Equator is a highly valuable option for manufacturers who are looking to replace their current gauging method.  Its system enables process control by delivering highly repeatable, thermally insensitive, versatile, and re-programmable gauging to the shop floor.


The Equator 500 has a gauging volume of 500 mm diameter in the X/Y plane and 250 mm in Z when used with the SM25-2 scanning module. This can be expanded to 400 mm in Z with the SM25-3 scanning module, which allows styli up to 200 mm in length to reach many more features. The base of Equator 500 supports workpiece and fixturing with a total weight limit of 100 kg. Typical applications include the manufacture of car and truck transmission and engine casings, drive-train parts like conrods and differential housings, suspension castings, pressed parts, valves and pumps.

Equator 500


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