Mahr is a market leader in the production of incredible quality metrology equipment that meets the accuracy and reliability needed in the manufacturing industry. As a manufacturer of production metrology they have been supporting and customers with measurement instruments for almost 160 years, and this experience is what makes their products so trustworthy in the metrology and manufacturing industries.

Their high quality, easy to use measuring devices ensure maximum efficiency, especially designed for quality control in production, measuring rooms, incoming goods and development. Our extensive portfolio of Mahr’s measurement instruments, include everything from micrometers to height gauges and video measurement system, providing you with an innovative solution for any and every measurement task. 

Whether you’re interested in digital or analog we have a solution for your measurement needs. Each product combines proven precision and high efficiency to make your workflow as easy and seamless as possible. If you want to know more about which instrument would best suit your needs feel free to contact us.


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